Dylan O’brien at Good Day Philadelphia

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Make Me Choose : Ren or Clear

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Have you see this article from BBC? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/29210991

It’s amazing news. Dr. Tristan Rich of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melboune, Australia, performed surgery on a goldfish to remove a large tumor from the animal’s head. The fish - named George (how friggin’ cute) - had a sizable tumor that was reportedly impeding its ability to swim, properly breathe, and eat. George’s owners also reported bullying and/or harassment from other fish in the pond fish.

George’s owners were faced with a unique choice. As a ten year old goldfish in a pond, it is not outside the realm of possibilities that George could live for another ten or twenty years if the surgery was attempted. Without, his long term fate remained uncertain, and his quality of life was certainly poor.

Dr. Rich placed George under anesthesia and, in a rather clever move, used water from George’s pond pumped into the mouth and out the gills to ventilate the fish (rather smart because it means no jarring chemical shifts that could place further stress on George’s body).

George is reportedly doing well post surgery.

It’s an utterly amazing story.

Here are some quotes from Dr. Rich:

"For the owners, it’s not about having a fish, it’s about having this fish."

”If you have a pet, regardless of what it is, then you have a responsibility to look after it as best you can.”

That’s my kind of vet! :D

The DailyMail goes more in-depth, but they have more graphic photos.

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is this what paying off all your expansions in new leaf feels like

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I’m an artist with a molecular biology degree from the University of Washington, and I’ve been working on making science infographics for several months now. 

This week I made an animated identification chart of North American butterflies. You can check out the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here :)

This rules! 

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can’t wait to see this moive!!!

but I don’t know when will it be released in China *crying*

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Sterek Week - Sunday (click it for the full view)

Stiles playing with magic.

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beauty and the beast comparison | 1 of 2

"She’s being so difficult!"

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